Justus Goes on Tour - Life 2005 & onwards (justusontour) wrote,
Justus Goes on Tour - Life 2005 & onwards

Mini update on my status

Well, well, well. One never knows what is around the corner, and yesterday proved that in highly dramatic fashion. Two days ago, Mario returned from the hostel, much improved, sober, rational, like a different person. Accompanying him was his girlfriend, Viola, a woman with no tolerance for bullshit and a very, very short leash indeed on her wayward boyfriend. Overnight, everything at the hostel changed. I went from complete freedom to none whatsoever. The kitchen got locked at 9 p.m., with my beer inside. The lights went out at 11 p.m. - not even the option of sitting in the common area with a book. "You go to bed now." The 11 a.m. to 2:20 p.m. lockout was strictly enforced - leave the hostel, now, because we are cleaning. Mario was apologetic throughout, but made it clear that she was wearing the pants and he had no choice in the matter (hardly surprising, because when he has a choice in the matter he gets drunk and naked).

Here's where it all went sideways. Hostelworld, the site I found the hostel through, has a feedback/review option. That option was made available to me on the day that Mario went into the hospital, the day he stood naked with a knife behind me. I wrote an honest review, giving the hostel the lowest possible marks on just about all the categories. Yesterday, Mario confronted me with that (turns out the reviews are identifiable) and, at Viola's insistance, kicked me out. Yep, I got kicked out for writing the truth. It's no big deal, and really I'm glad to out of the new regime, anyway. I'm in a new place now that is small and crowded, with a hardcore party vibe and a decorative theme that could best be described as "lingerie." Tomorrow I leave for Venice, putting this bizarre Roman chapter behind me. Wish me luck. :-)

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